A New Model for Transnational Education

Connecting motivated learners from around the globe to American universities

Transnational education takes the learning program to students, rather than making students move to the United States to take advantage of American education.

ZCo GPS makes it possible for motivated learners in countries around the world to complete an American university degree in-country.


For American Universities

Tap into motivated learners from around the world.

American universities lead the world in serving motivated learners who may already have some college credit, including associate’s degree holders and working adults. From openness to transferring in prior learning, to robust distance learning platforms, U.S. universities are innovators.

Transnational education is about taking these innovations to students around the globe, allowing them to stay in-country to complete their American university degrees.

For every international student who has the funding to travel to the U.S. for college, there are hundreds of good students who can not.  These are students who are motivated learners and looking for American degrees.

ZCo Global Partner Solutions has created innovative ways to reach these students.

If you are interested in becoming a Global Partner with us to offer American degree pathways to these motivated learners, contact us.

For Learning Centres

Affordable pathways to American degrees that benefit you and your students

ZCo Global Partner Solutions has created innovative pathways to American university degrees that your students can afford and you can derive revenue from.

If you’re interested in becoming a Global Partner with us to expand your learning centre’s offering set including American degree pathways, please contact us.

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