A powerful, innovative model for taking effective, respected education to learners around the globe.

  • Expansive recruitment for universities
  • Affordable, accessible education for students
  • Responsive support for educators and students

For American Universities

Tap into motivated learners from around the world.

There are millions of academically qualified students around the world interested in American post-secondary degrees. With a network of partners throughout the globe, we tap into this demand.

Our innovative approach, delivered by our global network, means we have thousands of English-speaking, motivated students interested in attending American universities.

We are not agents. We are international education connectors, interested in broadening the reach of education globally.

Partner with us to take advantage of global demand for American education.

For Learning Centres

Affordable pathways to American education

ZCo Global Partner Solutions has created innovative pathways to American education that your students can afford – giving you access to more education products and services that you can profit from.

These include:

  • Skills training courses
  • Associate’s degrees
  • Bachelor’s degrees
  • Master’s degrees
  • Doctoral degrees

All offered by respected American education institutions.
All offering significant revenue opportunities for you.
All supported by our experienced and responsive coaches.

If you’re interested in becoming a Global Partner with us to expand your school’s learning programs including American degrees, please contact us.

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